Holiday Program Workshop Enrolment Form

During the July School Holidays we running workshops from Monday 8th July to Friday 12th July facilitated by Rod. The workshops run from 2:30 to 3:15pm and are $10.00 per workshop.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Breaststroke available to Eels and above Tuesday and Thursday – Butterfly available to Kingfish and above.

Holiday Program Enrolment

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Week 1: 8th July to 12th July
Mon (Brst) Tues (Fly) Wed (Brst) Thurs (Fly) Fri (Brst)

Terms and Conditions

Make up lessons will be given if 1.5 hours’ notice is given. Make up lessons will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange with the office and will be subject to availability. Make up lessons must be used within the current holiday program as they will not be carried over to the following term or program.

Fees are payable in an upfront or installment system in advance of lessons. Installments must be finalised by the 1st lesson. If payments are not received this may result in the termination of enrolment.

I and if being a minor, my responsible person for and on behalf of myself, consent to activity which is organised, approved or endorsed by Atlantis Aquatic Swim Centre as an activity for me to take part in. My Property and person shall be at my own risk and I will not hold Atlantis Aquatic Swim Centre liable for any personal injury or loss of property which may arise from use of the facility or participants in the activities. I hereby authorise staff at Atlantis Aquatic Swim Centre to organise medical or hospital treatment as they see necessary at my expense.

I, agree to these terms and conditions.
I, am aware that this form will not be acted upon until a deposit or full payment is received.