Our Team

Rod Furlong – Head Coach / Owner

Rod has worked in the aquatic industry his entire working career. He previously has owned, managed and been head coach of swim schools in the Bankstown and Parramatta area for over 25 years. Rod purchased Atlantis Aquatic Swim Centre in October 2009 with his wife Maree.

Maree – Program Manager / Owner

Maree’s love for the water developed in her adult years when she married Rod. She has worked as an instructor and receptionist in the aquatics industry for 25 years. Maree took over as the program manager of Atlantis Aquatic Swim Centre in October 2009 when she purchased the centre with Rod.

Helen B – Senior Instructor / Receptionist

Helen B is the final remaining founding swimming instructor having been at Atlantis since it opened in 1998. Prior to this Helen B taught with Rod and Maree for several years. She is well known by all our children, having inspired many of our younger instructors to enter into the aquatics industry.

Helen S – Senior Instructor / Receptionist

Helen S aquatics journey began with Rod and Maree when her children were learning to swim. She then joined the team and has worked with them for over 20 years. Helen S first taught at Atlantis in the summer of 2009. She then went on to Coordinate Learn to Swim programs elsewhere before deciding Atlantis was just too much fun to stay away from and return in 2016.

Sasha – Receptionist

Sasha grew up loving swimming and learnt to swim with Rod and Maree. She began working at Atlantis after the birth of her youngest child. Sasha is always willing to help answer questions so come and say hi to her at the desk.

  • Sarah – Instructor / Receptionist
  • Ellen – Instructor / Receptionist
  • Tiarne – Receptionist
  • Joanne – Instructor
  • Belinda – Instructor
  • Sonya – Instructor
  • Hayley – Instructor
  • Clarisse – Instructor
  • Brooke – Instructor
  • Brad – Instructor
  • Josh – Instructor
  • Hannah – Instructor
  • Penelope – Instructor
  • Samantha – Instructor
  • Alessandro – Instructor
  • Rhiannon – Instructor
  • Jessica – Instructor
  • Brittany – Instructor
  • Nick – Instructor
  • Nathan – Instructor