Our Philosophy

Atlantis Provides swimming programs for all ages, babies from 6 months of age through to National Level qualifiers. We aim to deliver high quality swimming lessons to ensure the safety, fun and fitness of all our students. At Atlantis we believe every Australian should undertake some form of structured swimming education, as being able to swim and enjoy the water is an essential part of the Australian way of life.

Our lessons are structured around a balance between fun and enjoyment, stimulating development, providing social interaction as well as water safety awareness. It is important to ensure lessons are enjoyable and games are a great tool for stimulating and promoting learning.

Although we use some aids during our classes, we do not use arm bands or back bubbles in our program. The over-use of flotation devices like back bubbles can give children a false sense of swimming ability, while taking away their awareness of deep water and provide a false sense of security.

Prior to commencing swimming lessons at Atlantis, all students from Turtle level and above are assessed to ensure they are placed in a class that best suits their swimming ability. Our lessons are focused around a small class size to ensure each child in the class receives focused attention to enhance their learning.

Progression is important, therefore at Atlantis we conduct regular assessments. One of our senior instructors conducts assessments throughout week 7 of each term. Additionally, teachers are regularly self-assessing their class groups and will inform the senior instructors should any child exceed their current level.

Our facilities were purpose built for learn to swim, and are a private facility with no public swimming to minimise distractions for the children. The teaching pool is heated to 31.5 degrees, all year round to ensure all our students are comfortable and happy in the water. Our 25 metre pool is also heated all year round at a temperature of 28.5 degrees.

All our teachers have nationally recognised qualifications through Austswim. Many of our teachers also have qualifications teaching specific programs such as infants, access and inclusion (disability qualification) or teaching competitive strokes. Additionally, our senior instructors provide teachers with additional support and feedback as well as ongoing professional development so we can provide the best lessons possible.